Training Courses Finished for 2019 - Blogs and Website Development Full Steam Ahead!

Posted by Greg MacDonald on

Well it's been a busy six months or so!  

A course in Hyderabad (over 80 students) completed, and Summer #2 in San Diego (just under 50 students) was completed a few weeks ago.

I can now turn my attention again to Montessori Mentor Online!

I plan to begin online, real-time consultations very soon now.  This will be something that I can do anywhere in the world, and it will save schools a significant amount of money - My travel and accommodation expenses are zero when I consult online!

I'll also be offering online workshops for teachers and for parents.  Here again, costs are minimized, and I can provide these presentations anywhere in the world.  (I'll soon be offering an online teacher workshop in Africa, for example.)

I have many more materials in the pipeline - The majority will be small files containing the many teacher-made materials that are needed day-to-day.  And there will be other, larger files for Kingdoms Plantae and Animalia, Biology Commands, etc.

And regular blog posts ... Some looking at aspects of theory.  Others related to practical elements for the classroom.

I hope that you've all had a wonderful summer, and that your new school year is equally as rewarding.

New blog just around the corner ...


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  • Wow – what an amazing resource here. Thanks, Greg!! Definitely going to dig around this blog. I’ve been an Elementary guide in Canada for two decades and have appreciated every workshop and Refresher course I could attend, but this online resource is a whole new level of support.

    Rachel Day on

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