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I have just finished material for the Question & Answer Game (Biology).  I found some fun facts while I was working on all of this.  For instance:

  • The pangolin is the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world. This is due to the “medicinal” qualities attributed to parts of its body, and also due to the fact that pangolin flesh is a delicacy in some places.  (The pangolin would not have been my first guess ... In fact, I don’t think that it would have been a guess at all!)
  • Cormorants can dive to a depth of 45 meters, (which is almost the length of an Olympic swimming pool.)
  • A flamingo has a bill that is bent almost at right angles (halfway down its length) for a very good reason!  After these birds stir up the mud by "stamping" their webbed feet, they run their bills through the result to obtain food.  To do this, their head enters the water at an angle that would have them spearing the mud with their bills if it weren't for its "fold".  The angle of their bill allows them to run their heads back and forth, at exactly the right "collection" angle.   
  • In parts of Central America, iguanas are consumed by humans, some of whom refer to this delicacy as chicken of the tree.
  • Young millipedes have only 3 pairs of legs when they hatch. They grow and moult, adding more segments (and legs) each time.
  • Sea Jellies (“Jellyfish”) have been consumed by humans since ancient times. Aristotle wrote of their inclusion in an Ancient Greek fish stew.  (It was great to discover that the Father of Logic also wrote about "his lunch".)
  • Armadillos can walk underwater, holding their breath, for up to six minutes.

There is NO END to fun facts like these.  Just don't have so much fun finding them that you don't leave any for the children!  LESS is better.

Now, it’s back to Kingdom Plantae.  I’ve done a lot of research on the current state of Plant Classification with some very interesting outcomes.

But that’s a story for another day ...

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