Live Visit and Internet-Based Montessori School Consultations


The Benefits of Consultation

For Teachers

  • New, practical techniques and strategies that you can apply immediately to your work with the children.
  • Answers to your questions.
  • New insights specific to your classroom.
  • Personalized, principle-based planning designed to accelerate the development of your class.

For Administrators

  • Confident, newly energized Montessori teachers.
  • Answers to your questions.
  • New insights specific to your School.
  • Collaboratively designed action plan for your School’s ongoing development.


Recently, Greg MacDonald came to MSB to do a consultation/coaching visit for our two Lower Elementary classrooms and one Upper Elementary classroom.  Teachers and Administrators found his ability to listen comforting, and his suggestions useful.  We all learned from this experience.

Here are some comments from the Teachers:

  • "Greg brought an ease to the process"
  • "His attitude was positive - 'How can I help you?'
  • "His visit was too short - I would have liked to have spent more time with him"

We look forward to his return!

Cathy Swan


Live Visit Consultations

A live visit consultation involves the consultant visiting your school and classroom/s in person.  Your consultant will observe in 1-2 classrooms each morning of the visit, and sometimes for a period of time during the afternoon.  

Once the day's observation process has been completed, the consultant will meet with each classroom Guide, answering questions that the Guide may have, mentoring, and providing constructive feedback.  These meetings typically take place during the afternoon class session, so a substitute teacher will be needed for each class while the Guide is meeting with the consultant.

When all classrooms have been observed, the consultant will meet with the Head of School and any members of the administrative team that the Head wishes to include in the meeting.  During the meeting, a verbal report will be provided by the consultant, and any questions that the Head of School/administrative team might have will be addressed.

A written report is then prepared by the consultant and sent to the school within 30 days of the consultation.  This report will include an individualized report for each Guide/classroom consulted, and a school report for the Head of School/administrative team.

Greg MacDonald consulted for our elementary classrooms. He observed for hours, then listened to our teachers and shared invaluable advice for fine-tuning our program. I also enjoyed running every administrative question I had by him!

Lisa Viola
Head of School 
Monmouth Montessori Academy, Spring Lake, NJ


Internet-based Consultations

Greg MacDonald has consulted at our school on a number of occasions.  His work has been vastly valuable and we truly appreciate his attentiveness to our school.  

Ms. Lam Hu (Founder)
Taipei Montessori International School, Taiwan


Internet-based Consultations are also possible upon request, for schools that are too distant to make a live consultation visit possible, for schools for whom a live consultation visit cannot be scheduled, and for schools for whom a live consultation visit is not possible financially.

The consultant will observe remotely, via an internet-ready device in each prepared environment.

Individual meetings with Guides and a separate meeting with the Head of School/administrative staff are conducted online, via Skype or a similar service.

A written report is prepared by the consultant, as for a live visit consultation.