Montessori Mentor Online is ONLINE!

Posted by Greg MacDonald on

The Montessori Mentor Online website is now live!

There is a LOT more to be added to the "Materials" section ... I just have to prepare and upload them, so stay tuned.

Although some of the materials are provided free of charge, there is a cost for other materials.  The materials for purchase are a part of my semi-retirement income, and they are copyrighted also.  Please do not distribute these files.  Direct anyone interested to this website instead.

I am currently working on new publications and materials, this time related to classroom delivery and specific subject areas.  (So Spelling, Number Facts, P.E., Art, etc. are all in line, and some already being prepared.)

I don't anticipate being able to add regular blogs until the second half of the year.  Course commitments and other projects will prevent me from consistency blogging until then.


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