The Montessori Alzheimer's Project

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On December 7, 2018, The Montessori Alzheimer's Project, co-authored by Lyle Weinstein and Greg MacDonald was published on Amazon.

The MAP approach focuses on key Montessori principles, which empower caregivers to apply those principles in their own unique circumstances.  Once caregivers understand each principle, and once they have seen an example or two of how the principle might be implemented (provided in the book), they can move forward and apply their new knowledge to the many and varied individual needs of their loved one.

MAP's objective is to enable caregivers and those who have dementia to live more joyful, productive lives, and for each person with dementia to remain at home for longer.  (This latter result has attracted the interest of various governments.)

A MAP live training course is available for groups interested in pursuing more in-depth training.  For more information, inquire using the Contact page on this website, or go to the MAP website at: 

Copies of The Montessori Alzheimer's Project may be obtained at:

 USA (Digital and hard copy versions):

The book is also available internationally at:

... And in Australia at:

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